Saturday, August 2, 2008

Resin bangle with silver foil

Small silver cloud earrings

Oxidised sterling silver
birdie hoops


Anonymous said...

What kind of resin do you use?
The resin i've used bubbles a lot :/

Little Snoring said...

Hi Anna,

Just thought I would let you know I have added you to a list of Tasmanian Designers on my blog. I hope you had a choccy filled Easter.



SaraMaeBellePage said...

Hello Anna,

Just thought I'd let you know one of your bunnies and birdies bracelets is happily at home on my wrist in Sydney after a holiday trip to family and Cocoon and a 'here is the graduation present you have bought for me' (as I handed it gorgeously wrapped to husband) excuse... Gorgeous! My new favourite thing! I pranced into work on the Tuesday, outfit complete, and never has my wrist felt so admired. I threw your name around to the ooh's and aah's along with a few 'yes, I am wonderful and this IS the best bracelet you have ever seen.'

Good luck with everything- and thank you for the joy and whimsy you have brought into my everyday. (Try 'Pimento' in Newtown for your Sydney debut)

SaraMae Belle Page